It doesn’t get any simpler than Strangeworks quantum computing solutions - hardware-agnostic, software-inclusive, collaborative environments for quantum development. All of the quantum tools you’ll ever need, in a single user interface.

Strangeworks currently offers two solutions:


Strangeworks QC is our free quantum computing ecosystem that enables researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to quickly learn, develop and manipulate real quantum code. With Strangeworks QC, users can easily create, organize, and collaborate on quantum computing projects and access libraries of code, frameworks, and languages including: Amazon Braket SDK, Blueqat, Cirq, D-Wave Ocean, Forest, Jupyter Notebooks, Microsoft QDK (Q#), MyQLM, OpenQASM, ProjectQ, Python, Qiskit, Xanadu PennyLane, and Xanadu Strawberry Fields.

Strangeworks EQ is our future-proof quantum infrastructure solution that brings the power of Strangeworks QC together with enterprise features including granular security, IP protection, quantum machine access, resource aggregation, custom integrations, private deployments, team and project management, dedicated support, online training, and more