Our community platform is designed to be a source for you to not only learn and explore quantum but also a tool for you to share the work you are doing with both members of the quantumcomputing.com community and the global quantum community at large. To enable this, we have built into the platform the ability to make your project public and available on your quantumcomputing.com profile page. To start publishing your projects externally, at the top of the project screen you will see the "Share/Publish" button. 

After selecting the "Share/Publish" button, you can slide the toggle to publish the project publicly. This will generate a custom URL for your project that you can share with your external community. Note that the URL is based on your project name. To change the URL, you will need to change the name of your project in the settings section of the project environment.

To publish this to your profile, simply select the "Include project in public profile" button and decide if you want to include the results or not. Once saved, the project will be displayed on your profile page.